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3nd year student (senior) in high school in Japan.

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With the talks between the USA and North Korea coming up this week, there is lots of news about Singapore this morning.

Brought back some good memories about being in Singapore last year at this time.  Time goes by so fast.

This week I will be running 5000m everyday.  No rests for walking this week.

Looks like I will have to start tomorrow though.  There is a Typhoon here today.

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I attended "Asaren" (morning practice) for the first time in a long time this morning.  It is getting to be too hot and humid to run in the afternoons.

I ran 5000m continuously with no rest breaks.  First time for doing that since I broke my ankle.  Time was 24:32.78.  It was just easy running, but I felt like I have accomplished something from not being able to run at all to being able to do this.

I have a habit of kind of slouching forward when I run.  My coach is having me work on my form.  By being more erect I will open up my chest allowing for better breathing.

Had a good conversation with my coach about training for my upcoming race.  My coach just wants me to participate and is not expecting anything from me timewise.

My 800m track race will be on October 10, so I still have about 4 months to get in condition for that.  October 10 is "Sports Day" in Japan.  It is a National Holiday to commemorate the 1964 Tokyo Olympics that opened on that day.

My coach says that I will not need to increase my distance over 5000m a day.  I will keep doing easy runs for the rest of this month.  Maybe I will gradually increase my speed as I can, but I will not push it too hard or go too fast.

Next month my coach is going to have me do a speed work out once a week, then if everything goes well, in August I will increase that to two times a week.

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Felt very good this morning.  Ran an easy 5000m in 23:28.95.

For a while I had lost the excitement of running, but I am starting to get it back.

Ran a little faster today than I had planned, but I felt good and there is no pain at all in my ankle.

Maybe I should take it a little slower tomorrow just in case.

By the way, someone on the FRB blog mentioned yesterday about doing 52 pushups in one minute.  I decided to take on the challenge to see how many I could do in one minute.  Of course I can't get up on my toes because I don't want to put unnecessary pressure on my ankle, but doing pushup on my knees I was able to do 80 pushups in one minute.   When I am no longer worried about my ankle, will try them on my toes.

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Ran an easy 5000m this morning.  Forgot my watch today, so I don't know what my time was, but it was very slow and easy today.  It was cooler today, so it felt very nice.

Also, quite sore today from doing pushups yesterday.  

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Ran an easy 5000m in 23:34.96.   Felt really good.  Still tight and sore in the the chest and arms from doing pushups the other day.  They took more out of me than I thought.  Probably is a sign that I need to do pushups more regularly.

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It was nice and cool this morning, and I was feeling really good.

I ran 5000m at a comfortable pace, but a little faster than I have been doing.  I ran it in 21:56.80.  My ankle feels good.  

Had a sit-down with my coach.

The coach asked me about my goals as a runner.  For example, whether I wanted to continue running competitively at the university level and beyond, or if I just wanted to run in high school.

I told the coach that I have decided not to run in college.  I expect that my studies will keep me busy and I want to concentrate my time on my studies.  I hope to run for fun and excercise but not competitively.

We had a good talk about what kind of training will be expected of me.  

I still don't have the best Japanese, so I think that is what we mainly talked about.  The conversation was mainly one sided, with the coach doing most of the talking and me doing a lot of nodding of my head.  :)

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